5 Great Ways to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Author: Premier Eye Associates

Sunshine is often a key component of a fun and enjoyable day. Putting on our sunglasses and spending the afternoon fishing, biking, or walking around the city sounds like a treat! There are several different options for sun protection. A hat, sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses are the common go-tos but which type of sunglasses is right for you?

Sunglasses With Ultraviolet (UV) Protection

The most common sunglasses are those with UV protection. These lenses are tinted and protect against certain wavelengths that are damaging to the eyes.

Make sure to select a pair of glasses that has full UV protection, as certain alternatives may not offer protection for these harmful rays. There is even an option for sunglasses that are meant to go on top of your regular glasses, being larger in size to allow for a comfortable fit. This will save you from having to purchase a separate pair of prescription sunglasses.

Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses are one step above and offer more filtration of the UV rays that enter the eye. They are often demonstrated in our optical by showing that a special photo becomes more vibrant after putting on these lenses. Colors in your daily life may also appear more vibrant while using these sunglasses.

Glare from open water and snow is largely eliminated while using these lenses, an advantage for those that love fishing, water sports, or skiing. The disadvantage of these lenses is the fact that they can make your cell phone screen, computer, or car dashboard appear slightly distorted.

Photochromic Lenses 

These lenses are designed to activate and turn darker when exposed to UV light. This can be an optimal choice for individuals who find it a hassle to have multiple pairs of glasses. The convenience is truly advantageous for children or seniors.

It is important to note that the lenses are not able to activate while inside a car as you are seated behind a windshield. If stepping out into the sun, they take only a couple of minutes to completely activate, requiring the same amount of time to deactivate when moving inside. This option is an add-on when selecting the type of lenses that you desire.

Clip-On Sunglass Lenses

Certain glasses frames will come with a clip on feature. This means that the frames are used for clear lenses while inside and when needed, have an additional piece that can be clipped onto the front of the lens to allow for sun protection.

This can also be custom made for a particular frame if requested. These clip-on sun lenses will have complete UV protection.

Contact Lenses With UV Protection

Some soft contact lenses may come with some UV protection on the front. Although not as good as getting a proper pair of sunglasses to go on top, they offer protection for days when UV rays are present without a bright sun. This is a great option for individuals who prefer to wear non-prescription sunglasses but still want the benefit of having clear vision.

Recently, a new contact lens has been developed turns darker in the sun, similar to photochromic lenses. These lenses are especially helpful for those that are particularly sensitive to light.


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