Blue Blockers and the Latest Lens Developments

Author: Premier Eye Associates

Eye care professionals and patients alike are intrigued with blue-blocking lenses (also known as "blue blockers"), a new technology that aims to reduce the negative results of blue light, such as eyestrain, sleeplessness, or headaches.  Read on to learn more about blue light, and how blue-blocking lenses can help protect your eyes.


Why Block Blue Light?

Blue light consists of short wavelengths, which contain high amounts of energy.  Studies have shown that these high energy, short wavelength lights have potentially damaging effects on the eyes; high exposure to these light rays are associated with front surface irritation, cataract formation, and even retinal damage.  Blue light is also known to cause eyestrain and affect our natural circadian sleep rhythm.

Blue light is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives, exposing us to higher levels of these light waves than ever before.  Digital screens such as cellphones, TVs, and tablets have quickly become a prominent source of blue light exposure in our day to day activities.  LED bulbs and fluorescent lighting also emit blue light. As the use of digital screens become more widespread, more people are noticing eye strain and fatigue after prolonged exposure to these blue light sources.  Just like it’s important to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from UV light, we should be mindful of high exposure to high energy blue light.


How to Block the Blue

Blue-blocking lenses (or blue blockers) are a new development that aims to reduce exposure to high energy light rays, preventing eyestrain and fatigue.  These lenses have proven to be particularly useful for people required to spend many hours using digital screens.

There are some different options of blue blockers, and many different lens manufacturers have their own version of the lens technology.  Some options are lens coatings, which are added to the surface of lenses. Others are treatments infused into lenses so that the blue-blocking properties cannot be scratched or worn off.  At Premier Eye Associates, we offer several brands of blue-blocking lenses to best fit your needs, including BluTech lenses, a premier infused blue-blocking treatment that protects against high energy wavelengths without distorting true color.


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