EnChroma Glasses for Color Blindness

Author: Premier Eye Associates

An estimated 1 out of every 20 people are affected by color blindness.  While this condition does not reduce vision to only shades of black, white, and gray, it does drastically impair people’s ability to perceive and differentiate between specific shades of colors.  A more accurate description of color blindness is “color vision deficiency.” Those affected by color blindness know shades of red, blue, yellow, or green to be different than how a normal eye recognizes them.  This reduced ability to see or differentiate colors, and the reduced vibrancy of the colors they are able to see, can lead to frustrations in daily activities. New breakthroughs in color vision technology have resulted in the development of EnChroma colorblind glasses, which alleviate some of the difficulties of living with color vision deficiency.  These specialized lenses enhance vibrancy and saturation of colors, allowing those affected by color vision deficiency to better appreciate hues and more accurately differentiate colors.


Back To Basics: Cause of Color Deficiency

Color blindness is an inherited recessive conditions.  This means that in most cases, women are carriers, and males are affected by the disease.  The root cause of the symptoms of color vision deficiency is malfunctioning photoreceptors in the retina.  These light-sensitive cells in the back of the eye help transmit the light we see to the brain. Different photoreceptors are responsible for transmitting certain colors and wavelengths to the brain, allowing us to perceive a wide range of colors and hues.  In color vision blindness, certain photoreceptors are either missing or faulty. This results in an altered perception of colors.

The most common form of color blindness is red/green deficiency.  These people view the world with a more subdued perception of color, especially colors containing hues of red or green.  Less commonly people can be affected by blue/yellow color deficiency.


How EnChroma Works

EnChroma glasses are specially designed with the latest lens technology to provide enhanced appreciation of hues and saturation to those affected by color vision deficiency.  These lenses do so by filtering out specific wavelengths of light that commonly cause color confusion in those with red/green color deficiencies. This allows the eye to receive a more accurate color ratio and improves the ability to precisely perceive color ranges.  This technology is designed to address specific forms of color vision deficiencies that affect 4 out of 5 cases of colorblindness. This means that an overwhelming majority of cases of color vision deficiency can experience an improvement with the use of EnChroma lenses.  

EnChroma creates outdoor glasses to be used in sunny conditions which provide for maximum color appreciation.  These lenses allow for drastic improvement in color discrimination, meaning those with colorblindness can better view outdoor landscapes, foliage, and even sunsets.  They also have created indoor glasses which can help with color differentiation while cooking, choosing clothes, and much more.


Dr. Anthony Spina and the Premier Eye Associates are proud to be the only authorized retailer of EnChroma glasses and lenses in the state of Alabama.  If you or a loved one is affected by color vision problems or deficiency, call us  at (334) 539-5391 or schedule an appointment online.  Our office and eye doctor provide the highest quality optometry services in Auburn, AL area.


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