Healthy Habits for Wearing Contact Lenses

Author: Premier Eye Associates

When wearing contact lenses, it is important to follow certain instructions to make sure that your eyes are healthy and safe. These habits are good for all contact lens wearers to develop and keep while they are wearing contacts!


Hygiene, Hygiene, and More Hygiene!

Contact lenses are a medical device which comes in direct contact with the front of the eye. Handling of the lenses introduces a potential risk for infection or damage from debris.

Before handling the contact lenses at all, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel.

Avoid touching the eyes or contacts without washing your hands and do not allow the contact lenses to come in contact with your lips, mouth, or saliva.


Avoiding Water

Water of any form can contain bacteria or other pathogens that can cause an eye infection.

When wearing contact lenses, do not swim or shower. While it can be inconvenient to take out your contact lenses before these activities, it is important to do so to maintain your eye health.

Tap water should never be used on your contact lenses. Tap water is not an acceptable solution for storing, cleaning, or wetting your contact lenses.


Contact Lens Solution is Your Friend

Your contact lens solution or multi-purpose solution should be your best friend when wearing contact lenses!

Every time you remove your contact lenses, clean them gently by rubbing the lens with a few drops of the solution and then store them in a case with fresh solution.

Always remember to recap or close the top of the solution after using it. If left open, the solution can become contaminated from bacteria or other germs.

While your contact lens solution is multi-purpose, it should not be used as an eye drop. The contact lens solution has preservatives and antiseptics which are designed for cleaning and storing the lens but not being put directly on to the eye.


Keep a Clean Contact Lens Case

The contact lens case is often forgotten about when considering ways to improve the health of the contact lenses and eyes.

The case should be replaced every three months or sooner if there is an eye infection of any form.

To care for the contact lens case, rinse it with multipurpose solution each time you take out the contact lenses and store it to dry upside down.

If your contact lens case every becomes dirty, changes colors, or has apparent build up on the case, you should discard the contact lens case and use a new case.

Thoughtfulness with Contact Lenses

The single most important aspect and habit that can improve your contact lens wearing experience is being thoughtful and mindful of the contact lenses.

Contact lenses are a true medical device and must be treated as such. Following the appropriate wear time and wear schedule, using the correct solution, and not sharing or receiving contact lenses from others is important for success.

Contact lenses should never cause pain, redness, or discharge from the eyes. All of these are signs of a problem and should be evaluated by an eye doctor.


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