Should You Change Contact Lens Brands?

Author: Premier Eye Associates

Many people who wear contact lenses are consistently happy and comfortable in their brand of contact lenses and do not wish to change. However, there are instances when changing contact lens brands is recommended or required. If you want to change the length of time the lenses are worn, have issues with dryness or irritation when wearing the lenses, or have a significant prescription change it may make sense to change brands of contact lenses.


Difference Between Different Contact Lens Brands

Every contact lens brand has specific advantages and disadvantages based on the attributes of the contacts.

Some contacts are designed to be worn daily and then disposed of and others can be worn for a month and stored in a case nightly. There are even contacts that can be slept in for multiple nights.

There are contacts that are created to relieve symptoms of dryness and irritation that may persist with other contacts by having a high water concentration.


Changing Length of Wear Time

The most obvious reason to switch brands of contact lenses is to change the length of time the lenses are worn.

Each brand of contacts is approved only for a single length of wear (either a day, month, or continuous for a week).

If wanting to switch from monthly to daily wear contacts, a change of brands will usually be necessary.

However, most manufacturers have a “family” of contact lenses and have multiple wear time options in the family of lenses. This can allow the comfort and fit of contacts to remain the same while changing the wear time.

Many people will find that daily wear contacts are easier to wear comfortably and reduce allergies as well.

Additionally, daily wear lenses can be easier to keep up with as there is little maintenance required compared to the monthly alternative.


Changing Brands to Reduce Dryness Symptoms

The most common reason that an individual is unhappy with contact lenses is excessive dryness or irritation.

Many contact lenses will exacerbate dry eye symptoms and increase the irritation of the eyes.

If this is the case, switching brands and length of wear time can be beneficial.

Specifically, switching to a contact lens that is designed with a dry-eye comfort design can reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

Two brands of contacts that are particularly effective for these dry eye cases are Bausch and Lomb Infuse and Alcon Dailies Total One.

Both of these lenses are recommended when other brands of contact lenses have been unable to accommodate dry eye symptoms.


Changing Contact Lens Brands Due to Prescription Change

The only time that changing contact lens brands will be required is when the prescription changes to a value that is not made by the current brand.

If astigmatism develops, nearsightedness increases or there are abnormalities in the eye, special contact lenses that can meet these needs can be used.

Many brands will have options for astigmatism correction or high powers in some but not all of the brands of contact lenses.

Switching to better meet the refractive needs of the eye is always recommended.


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