Sports Vision Training

Vision Training that gives you a competitive edge.

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Professional basketball player Stephen Curry, vision training with strobe glasses. These glasses flicker between clear and dark, improving balance, anticipation, and reaction time to gain a competitive edge.


What is Sports Vision Training?

Sports Vision Training is a training program that enhances hand-eye coordination, tracking, focusing, reaction time, and peripheral vision. This allows athletes to perform at the highest level.

How does it work?

Do any professional athletes use Sports Vision Training?

Many colleges and professional athlete’s train with Sports Vision Training, including:

  • Larry Fitzgerald – NFL wide receiver
  • New York Yankees
  • United States Olympic Teams

Can Sports Vision Training help with concussions?

Almost every person who suffers a concussion will experience visual side effects. Premier Eye Associates uses the same concussion testing as the NFL, the King-Devick test. Using this test, along with cutting-edge therapy, we will greatly improve vision symptoms after a concussion.


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