The Benefits of Disposable Daily Contact Lenses

Author: Premier Eye Associates

Daily disposable lenses are a convenient corrective option that carry health benefits and are extremely convenient.  Many eye care professionals and patients find these lenses to be a first choice for visual correction because of the wide variety of benefits they offer.  Whether you are a long-time contact lens wearer, or interested in trying contact lenses for the first time, these single-use lenses may be an option for you.  Continue reading to learn more about what makes these contact lenses so popular. 


Daily Contact Lenses: The Basics

Daily disposable lenses are single-use contact lenses.  Every morning, a fresh pair of contact lenses is put in and worn for the entire day.  Before bedtime, the lenses are removed and disposed of. Because daily disposable lenses utilize a one-day wear schedule, they do not require nightly cleaning or storage.  This aspect provides significant health benefits; because the lenses are not re-worn, there is limited opportunity for bacterial or protein build-up on the lenses. This results in a decreased risk of bacterial infection, less contact-lens related redness or dryness, and even a significantly lower chance of a corneal ulcer.  Daily disposable lenses are different than daily-wear lenses; daily wear lenses can be two-week or monthly lenses that are worn each day, then removed and stored overnight, and re-inserted in the morning. If such lenses are not properly cleaned and stored, the risk of contamination and infection is increased. Thus, these contact lenses with extended shelf lives do not possess many of the health benefits of daily disposable lenses.   

Beyond the health benefits of these lenses, they are a very convenient option.  Not having to clean and store lenses makes being a contact lens wearer easier and less time consuming.  There is also no need to purchase contact lens solution or contact lens cases because the lenses have no maintenance needs.  For those with busy lifestyles, are perhaps those parents who are concerned with the hygiene of their teenagers, daily disposable lenses can be a healthy and efficient option. 


Dry Eyes and Disposable Daily Contact Lenses

Daily disposable lenses are often utilized for those who experience contact lens-related dryness in the more traditional monthly or bi-weekly lenses.  Because there is less protein build-up, there is usually less discomfort associated with contact lens-wear in daily disposable lenses. For those who experience symptoms of discomfort due to preservative sensitivities associated with contact lens solution, daily disposables are a simple answer as they eliminate the need for solution.  Additionally, these lenses are usually made from the newest materials that help retain water, keeping the ocular surface moist and comfortable all day.  


Drawbacks of Daily Disposables

These lenses have many benefits, but they also have a few drawbacks.  Daily disposables are usually more expensive than their bi-weekly or monthly counterparts.  But it should be noted that vision insurance or health spending accounts can be used to help pay for a supply of contact lenses.  Additionally, many manufacturers provide rebates to help lower the cost of the lenses. For those who are concerned about the environmental impact of increased packaging from daily contact lenses, the Bausch and Lomb One-by-One program helps effectively recycle this additional waste at no cost to the consumer.  Simply web-search the program for instructions on how to participate.   


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