Tips for Buying Your Next Pair of Glasses 

Author: Premier Eye Associates

Buying your next pair of glasses can be a daunting process.  Navigating your many choices of frames and lenses can be confusing, especially if you are unsure of your visual needs.  Deciding between buying your glasses online or in-store has added a new element of confusion when it comes to purchasing your next pair.  At Premier Eye Associates, we want to make your experience of buying glasses as enjoyable as possible.  We have compiled some tips and advice for you to consider. 


Choosing Your Frames

Picking out your frame can be fun and overwhelming at the same time.  Your new frames should fit your personality and lifestyle, but should also suit your visual needs.  The opticians at Premier Eye Associates are trained professionals who are highly skilled in helping our patients find the perfect frame that best fits their eyes and their vision, as well as one that fits their budgets.  They can help you sort through factors like frame material, face shape, prescription, and insurance benefits to help you find the best option.  We recommend picking out a few frames that you like, then letting one of our opticians help narrow down your options.

Your health and safety is our priority, which is why our office has protocols in place to make shopping for glasses and trying on frames a safe and pleasurable experience, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Frames are being sanitized, and our opticians and patients are practicing social distancing to ensure the safety of everyone.  


Choosing Your Lenses 

Once you have decided on your perfect frames, our opticians can help you navigate the many lens options. First decide on a lens material.  For your lens material, you can choose a basic plastic, a more durable and scratch resistant lens, or even a high-index lens to avoid heavy and thick lenses.  To improve comfort and avoid glare from screens or headlights, we recommend anti-reflective lens treatment. Photochromatic lenses are an excellent option if you are interested in regular glasses and sun protection.  There are even blue-blocking lens treatments for those who spend long hours on tablets or computers.  Working with one of our opticians will help clarify which lens materials and coatings are best for you and your vision.  


Should I Buy My Glasses In-Store or Online?

In recent years, there has been a huge surge of online optical stores and retailers, offering quick and affordable glasses.  While these options seem appealing, you may want to think twice before purchasing glasses online.  When purchasing through an online optical shops, there is no optician or professional to take and verify measurements, so lenses can be made incorrectly.  If the glasses are made wrong, there are very few adjustments that can be made to fix them and improve visual comfort.  Additionally, there is not a certified optician reviewing your order and making recommendations on frame or lens material that will make your glasses more comfortable and sleek.  Very few online optical retailers accept vision insurance, so you may end up paying more than you need to for a pair of frames and lenses.  We recommend buying glasses in person to ensure your investment is a perfect fit for you. 


Dr. Anthony Spina and the staff of Premier Eye Associates specialize in glasses, soft contact lenses, hard contact lenses, and medical eye exams. Call our eye doctor in Auburn, AL today at (334) 539-5391 or schedule an appointment online  if you are interested in buying frames, lenses or new glasses.  Our optometrist provides only the highest quality eye care services amongst eye doctors in the Auburn Alabama area.

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