What Are Transitions Lenses?

Author: Premier Eye Associates

Many people want to only wear a single pair of glasses but also want to convenience and protection of sunglasses outside. In these cases, a pair of glasses which can turn into sunglasses outside is ideal. These special glasses are known as Transitions lenses.


Benefits of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very beneficial for wear when outside, especially for a long period of time. The sun produces many UV A and UV B light rays which can damage the eyes over time.

Wearing sunglasses, especially polarized sunglasses, can reduce or eliminate the UV light which enters the eye.

Eye conditions such as cataracts, pterygium, and eyelid cancer have been linked to UV light exposure.

In addition to the medical benefits of sunglasses, they also provide an improvement in comfort during bright outdoor conditions.

When outside, it is common for vision to be slightly worse when affected by glare of bright sunlight.

Sunglasses can improve comfort, vision, and overall eye health.


Sunglasses Compared to Transitions Lenses

Sunglasses are a great option for anyone who does not typically wear prescription glasses, wears contact lenses, or only wears glasses for reading.

However, for anyone who typically wears prescription glasses most of the time, sunglasses can become difficult to use over the prescription glasses.

It is possible to have a pair of prescription sunglasses made, but these will always be darkened and cannot be used well indoors or at night.

Transitions lenses provide a unique solution in these cases, Transitions lenses allow for a single pair of glasses to be used both indoors and outside.

Both sunglasses and Transitions lenses can come in a variety of colors and tints as well as in polarized and non-polarized options.


Who Can Get Transitions Lenses?

Transitions lenses can be made in almost any prescription, and the lenses can be put into almost any frame type.

Transitions lenses are a great option for children who will be outside at various points during the day during recess, sports, or other activities.

The Transitions lenses are also a great option for adults who prefer to have a single pair of glasses with the benefit of both sunglasses and prescription glasses.

There are very few cases where Transitions Lenses would not be the best option.


Issues with Transitions Lenses

While Transitions Lenses can be successfully worn by nearly anyone with a need for prescription eyeglasses, there are instances where Transitions lenses may not be the best option or should be avoided.

If glasses are only worn for indoor work – whether only while reading or only during school – Transitions lenses may not be useful.

If the switch from dark to light conditions is going to be rapid, for instance, if a electrician frequently goes from outside in the sun into a dark, unlit building, the Transitions lenses may not be the best option.

If tinted lenses are needed while driving, Transitions lenses will not be the best option as Transitions lenses do not darken behind a windshield which has UV blocking built into the windshield.

In these very few, specific cases, Transitions lenses may not be the best option and another type of glasses should be used.


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